LO206 Sportsman Race 8 Results Updated

The red flag incident during the LO206 Sportsman race on Saturday threw off the timing and scoring computer, causing the results to be incorrect. This has been fixed, and the race results and championship standings have been updated to reflect the correct finishing order. See below for links directly to your results and standings.

Thanks to those that mentioned it to us, and if anything else looks incorrect, please let us know!



2018 Board of Directors Update

A message from Chris Gambino, current GSKA President:

This year we were fortunate to receive just enough nominations to move forward with a full board of directors instead of a scaled down board. I spoke to the 2018 Board Nominees and they all felt the extra help would be a benefit. Since none of the candidates are running with opposition the board will be installed as follows:

  • Jeff Bacon – President
  • Mike Adkins – Vice President
  • Bob Barthelemy – Treasurer
  • Jeff Foust – Secretary
  • Jason Walker – 4-Cycle Director
  • Steve Frank- 2-cycle Director
  • Chris Gambino – Past President

We will post a voting page on the GSKA site as a matter of order until October 10th. We will install this new board officially during the October race. I and the rest of the GSKA BOD appreciate everyone’s support over the last two years and encourage you help the new board continue to build on the success.