GSKA Tire Treatment Policy

Treatment or modification of tires in any form or manner is expressly forbidden in GSKA competition (including race day practice sessions). Period.

What is permitted: Specified MG tire for your class, filled with compressed air or nitrogen.

What is not permitted: Anything other than the specified MG tire for your class, filled with compressed air or nitrogen is expressly forbidden. If an agent is used to assist beading it is the competitor’s responsibility to insure that agent has no material impact on the tire being mounted. TO BE CLEAR: NO CHEMICAL (ie prep) OR MECHANICAL (ie cutting, siping, needling, etc) MODIFICATION OF TIRES IS PERMITTED. PERIOD.

Testing procedures: GSKA will use every method available to test tires for evidence of modification. This shall include durometer, electronic chemical detection (ie “sniffers”), lab testing, and any other available means of comparison to a known stock tire. Sight, smell, feel, residue – if subject tire is not the same as the known stock tire that shall be grounds for disqualification. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE.

Penalties: If tire treatment/modification is detected the competitor will be disqualified from the event with zero points awarded. The zero point finish may not be dropped. In addition any championship points accumulated by that competitor for the season will be forfeited. A second disqualification for tire treatment/modification will result in an immediate one calendar year suspension from GSKA competition.

Appeal of ruling and/or penalty: Lab test results may not be appealed. Results of any other means of testing may be appealed by the competitor. To file an appeal the subject tires may not leave tech impound once ruling is made. Subject Tire(s) must be dismounted by competitor in tech impound. Tires will be wrapped and sealed for shipment for lab testing while in tech impound. Competitor will pay $300 fee for lab testing. Lab test results shall be final. If lab test results indicate that tires were not modified the $300 fee will be refunded and results/points restored.

The purpose of this policy is not punitive. The purpose of this policy is to ensure a level playing field for GSKA competitors and to minimize the health and environmental risks presented by chemical tire treatment.

Compliance with this policy is easy: Purchase tires – mount tires – race tires – have fun.