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GSKA offers open practice on days when race events are not being held.

To arrange practice first check the event schedule and make sure there are no scheduled events on the day you wish to practice.

GSKA  has entered into a full-time lease agreement with the owners of Lamar County Speedway. With this additional responsibility there are changes that need to be made and the first one concerns how practice is handled. Our new insurance policy dictates that we collect practice fees which essentially amounts to the wristbands and insurance coverage like a normal race day.

If we want to maintain open practice as has been maintained in the past we must insist upon EVERYONE paying the fees. In recognition, and as an incentive, we have lowered the fees and added a season pass option. Here are the new options:

$35 Single day Single Racer
$60 Single day Two racers – Must be under the same family membership
$75 Single day Three racers – Must be under the same family membership
$300 Season Pass – (Limited time only – offer ends 2/28/17) Unlimited practice for anyone under your family membership. Season pass starts immediately and is good through 03/15/2018.

Please note that payment is PER DRIVER not per kart. So, if you bring one kart and have 3 drivers drive the kart, each driver who goes on track MUST PAY FOR PRACTICE.

Once you pay either print your PayPal confirmation or if using mobile pay do a screen capture.
Please be prepared to present proof of payment if asked to do so.

Over time we will likely need to change these fees, but the BOD wanted to start out this exciting new time by trying to get back to the affordable roots that started it all.

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Technology has been installed to monitor who is on track, and when they are on track. There will also be spot checks by GSKA officials. If officials ask for proof of payment the racer must present proof of payment for the current day.

If someone is found to be practicing without payment, the first time they will be asked to pay on the spot, the standard fee plus a $20 handling fee.

A repeat offense will result in suspension of GSKA event privileges and possible trespassing charges being filed.

The GSKA is trying to be flexible and would like to ask everyone to PLEASE be responsible and do the right thing. If a pattern of non-payment continues we be forced to secure the property with the track only being open for use on organized event days.