GSKA TWO ‘O SIX Money Race Wrap-UP

Atlanta Karting Kart Racing

Congratulations to the 2 winners of the Two O’ Six Tournament!

Roberts Kart Shop LO206 Senior – Joseph Skaggs

LO206 Sportsman – Tanner Carter

GSKA would like to thank all the racers who showed up for this head-to-head battle, many of you had breakout days in terms of lap times and some recording their first wins in their brackets! It certainly was an exciting day with several of the brackets needing to go to a tie breaker third session. In a race that rewarded consistency, precision and speed the two winners raced their way through the brackets never wavering to the pressure. Both took home trophies and money for their efforts.

Thanks to a generous donation from Mark Skaggs, there was a Sportsman Shootout money race at the end of the day. Once again Tanner Carter won the shootout and swept the day. Elijah Skaggs came in second followed closely by Peyton Bridges.

This day would not have been nearly as much fun had it not been for some “innocent by-standers” jumping in to help our race crew with the untraditional race day activities. Chasity Bridges, Clint Hall, Cody Hall, Cale Hall, Melanie Walker, Bob Barthelemy, and Steve Roberts we thank you! Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anyone. It is great people like this that make GSKA the best place to race!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next race April 22.  Register Today!