New pricing structure, pricing page for GSKA

It has come to our attention that our club has not handled some aspects of insurance and liability in the correct fashion. Specifically, the difference between member racers versus non-member racers. If you are a member of a club or organization, you have certain responsibilities to that club that a non-member does not, and that can effect insurance or liability. It is for that reason that the Board decided to add a daily membership to our pricing structure. In reality, it does not increase the cost for a non-member to race, but changes their status with the club. So, from this day forward, the GSKA is officially a “Members Only” organization.

The following is the pricing page for 2018. We have held the line on price increases for a number of years, but have raised some of our prices for 2018. We have raised the cost on membership by $10 and changed the format on testing. Stay tuned for a major announcement on testing in the near future.

Click here for 2018 fees.