GSKA Track Work Days – Dec 2nd, 3rd, and 9th

Mark your calendars for December 2nd, 3rd, and 9th – we’re planning on a few workdays to start improving the track and facilities for the 2018 race season!

The agenda for December 2nd and 3rd includes:

  • Scoring tower cleanup and repair
  • Tire barrier reorganization
  • Fencing repair
  • General track cleanup

The agenda for December 9th includes:

  • Wrap light poles with tires
  • Continue to reorganize tires
  • Place new tires along high visibility areas
  • Bolt together tires if time permits

Make sure to wear grubby clothes and bring gloves. We will need rakes, shovels, weed eaters, rechargeable drills and impact drivers, blowers etc. Tire delivery has been arraigned and they should arrive by 11:00 on the 9th. Vicki says she will be making lunch on the 2nd. Make sure to bring lots of water to drink. Contact me if you have any comments or questions.