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IAME KA100 on sale again

The IAME KA100 is on sale again for $1695 until March 1st, 2018.

From IAME: The KA100 is a user-friendly, 22HP, complete engine package with a simple ignition system, fixed pipe, machined Tillotson carb, and an onboard push button starter. The IAME KA100 includes many of the parts utilized in the popular IAME X30 engine, and also uses the IAME Mini Swift coil and ignition. IAME USA has added this offering for North America to provide a more economical solution to high performance two cycle racing. 


2018 GSKA Race Schedule

12th Annual Vintage Kart Winternationals March 15,16,17

Our World Famous Vintage Karting event. With the addition of 4 cycle karts, should be biggest one yet.

Race #1: March 18th, Swap Shop

Bring unused or extra kart stuff (or whatever) and sell at the track.

Race #2: April 7th, Two Cycle Money Shootout. Family Fun Night

Cash prizes for Yamaha and TAG. We will have a BBQ and games after race day for people to get to know each other.

Race #3: April 28th, LO206 Senior Better Half Turkey Race

You will need to get your “better half” to qualify your kart for you. If you have no better half, you start behind.

April 28th, GSKA display at Walter Mitty

Should be a good venue to find new members.

Race #4: May 12th, Reverse Race/Maxxis double header

GSKA race in reverse in the morning, Maxxis race in the evening

Race #5: June 2nd, Night Reverse Race, 206 Money Shootout

$1000 purse (or more) for five race series.

Race #6: June 23rd, Night Race, 206 Money Shootout, Kids Hoverboard race

Race two of Shootout, Hoverboard race for the kids

Race#7: July 14rd, Night Race, 206 Money Shootout

Race three of shootout.

Race #8: August 4th, Night Race, 206 Money Shootout, Kids Hoverboard race

Race four of shootout, Hoverboard race for the kids

August 17 & 18th, AKRA National Sprint Race

Third round of the AKRA Sprint Series

Race #9: August 25th, Night Race, 206 Money Shootout/Maxxis double header

Final race of shootout, Maxxis race in morning, GSKA night race

Race #10: Sept. 22, Wheel of Inversion

We will spin a wheel to see how much we invert the fields. Max of six spots.

Oct 13th, Petit Lemans display

Another great way of getting new members. Also, great get together of GSKA members. Lots of good food and drink.

Race #11: Oct 27th, FSAE Event (day/night double header)

The fifth year of this event. Based on last year, we are anticipating more entries so we are planning on FSAE to run in the evening.

Race #12: Nov. 10, Double Points

Double points should bring out many people who might normally be out of the points.

November 17th, GSKA Banquet

Your 2018 GSKA Board of Directors

The votes are in and your 2018 GSKA Board of Directors have been chosen. Here they are:

President: Jeff Bacon

Vice President: Mike Adkins

Treasurer: Bob Barthelemy

Secretary: Kelly Godsey

2 Cycle Director: Ed White

4 Cycle Director: Bruce Vascocu

Director at Large: Krystal Richter

We will have our first BOD meeting in the next couple of weeks. We will try to make this year the best yet!

2018 Board of Directors Replacement Voting Now Open

The 2018 Board of Directors Replacement Ballot is now available. Voting will remain open until January 1st. The following members have accepted nominations for board positions. There is also a write-in space available at the bottom of the ballot if you wish to vote for someone not listed here. Please include that member’s name, and the position you are voting for them to hold.


Good News! Testing is back!

Due to incredibly hard work of a number of members, we have gotten the track back in shape and open for testing. Thanks to the hard work of Bruce Vascuco, Mike Adkins, Bob Barthelemy, Greg and Lannie Buice, Mike Pugh, Wes Littleton, Bobby Bridges, we have the tower refaced and hundreds of new tires for barriers. If I missed anyone I am very sorry and thank you!

Nominations needed for new Board Members

The votes are in and the membership decided to stick with seven board members. So we now are on the hunt for four nominees. There will be a two week period for these nominations, so nominations will close December 13th at 6:00pm. The positions to be filled are as follows:


4 Cycle Director

2 Cycle Director

Director at large.

If you would like to nominate someone, or nominate yourself, please use the contact form on the contact page below:

Contact us

Minutes from 11/21/2017 Board Meeting


6:40 pm November 21, 2017, Ruby Tuesday’s McDonough, Ga.

Attending: Jeff Bacon, Mike Adkins, Bob Barthelemy


  • December 2nd & 3rd Work Days (tower renovation & fence repair)
  • December 9th work day (tire barrier renovation & misc.)
  • Target election of new BOD members by December 15th


  • Club By laws
    • To establish and have approved no later than August 2018.
  • Website
    • Discussed potential reinstatement of the forum.
    • Jeff Faust willing to help with website updates.
    • Discussed and agreed upon putting a poll on the website for the members to weigh in on a need at this time for 7 or 5 total BOD members with note that after this decision, nominations for either 4 or 2 BOD positions will be open
    • Jeff Bacon is working with his friend Mike (past member of GSKA) on future improvements to the website.
  • GSKA VKA Vintage Winter Nationals
    • Dates set for March 15th-17th
    • Flyer & Entry form distributed on GSKA and VKA websites and Face Book.
  • GSKA 2018 Race Schedule
    • BOD agreed on (12) point races and dates for the 2018 schedule (will post on website soon)
    • Two dates conflict with AMP’s 2018 schedule (best we could do).
    • No response from AMP on GSKA/AMP proposed series (same as last two years).
    • Probably won’t be able to get in on the L0206 Cup this year but looking at next year (Vega tires used by series).
  • GSKA Marketing
    • Jeff Bacon working on 11” X 17” or larger wall calendar of events (sponsored)
    • Preliminary planning to do a booth at Petite Lemans and possibly Walter Mitty events.
  • 2018 Tires
    • Will run MG tires again in 2018.
    • Will advertise and encourage our members to run Maxis series races, dates TBD.
    • Advertise that karts without MG tires are welcome, but cannot race for points.
  • Membership, Race, & Practice fees
    • Discussed and agreed upon keeping race fees the same for 2018
    • Discussed and agreed upon offering 3, 6, & 12 month practice packages for members only
    • Discussed and agreed upon bumping up non-member practice fees.
    • Agreed to increase membership fees to $50 per individual and $70 for multiple drivers in a family.
  • Signage
    • Discussed urgent need for large sign identifying safety equipement required to drive on track. Jeff and Bob working to get this to print ASAP.
  • Tire Prep (added 11/27/2-17)
    • Voted to continue to dis-allow the use of tire prep on racing tires. Details to be determined when a full board is seated.
  • Adjourned meeting at 9:00 p.m. Minutes compiled by Bob Barthelemy

GSKA Track Work Days – Dec 2nd, 3rd, and 9th

Mark your calendars for December 2nd, 3rd, and 9th – we’re planning on a few workdays to start improving the track and facilities for the 2018 race season!

The agenda for December 2nd and 3rd includes:

  • Scoring tower cleanup and repair
  • Tire barrier reorganization
  • Fencing repair
  • General track cleanup

The agenda for December 9th includes:

  • Wrap light poles with tires
  • Continue to reorganize tires
  • Place new tires along high visibility areas
  • Bolt together tires if time permits

Make sure to wear grubby clothes and bring gloves. We will need rakes, shovels, weed eaters, rechargeable drills and impact drivers, blowers etc. Tire delivery has been arraigned and they should arrive by 11:00 on the 9th. Vicki says she will be making lunch on the 2nd. Make sure to bring lots of water to drink. Contact me if you have any comments or questions.